Brother Crosby

    Pastor Doug Crosby was born in the city of Boston in April of 1957.  
    Having lived in its’ suburbs and being raised in the religion of
    Christian Science and the influences of liberalism (which is strong
    in that area of the country). These effected him through out his
    youth.  It was during these years that he embraced the theory of
    evolution as truth and abortion as a right, along with many other
    left wing ideas that have poisoned the minds of many people.  He
    would marry his childhood sweet heart, a Roman Catholic girl,
    and together they would leave their roots and travel the world.  
    After high school, as a young married couple, they would spend
    the next sixteen years in the U.S. Air Force.  Our Pastor’s second
    assignment with the Air Force was to Clark Air Force Base in the
    Philippine Islands.  He, his wife and now two children (three more
    children would soon follow) would spend the next three years in
    this strange land.  It was there that Christian missionaries
    encouraged Mrs. Crosby to compare her religion to the bible
    scriptures; she came to realize there were major differences.  
    Shortly after that Mrs. Crosby received the Lord Jesus Christ as her
    personal Saviour.  As she started to study the Bible and apply its’
    truths to her life, it began to change her in such a way that Pastor
    Crosby (who was in denial of her new faith) came to realize that
    what she had was the real truth.  It would take six months for the
    Pastor to humble himself in the realization of who the true God of
    the Bible was.  It was then that he saw himself a sinner who could
    not be saved by his own efforts.  Pastor Crosby received the Lord
    Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour in October of 1979.  From that
    time to this the Lord has changed his way of thinking and brought
    him to the place where he could be used of God.  In June of 2001
    God would take Pastor Horace Dickerson, the founder of Grace
    Baptist Church, home to be with Him; opening the door for Pastor
    Doug Crosby to become the second preacher of Grace Baptist
    Church in September of 2001.  As of the writing of this testimony
    and by the grace of God, the Pastor’s five children and five
    grandchildren are all in Bible believing churches and serving the
    Lord faithfully.  His wife also continues to serve the Lord faithfully by
    his side.  

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Pastor Crosby, his wife and their children and grandchildren
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A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;