Mark 16:15  And he said unto them, Go ye into all
the world, and preach the gospel to every
Francis Teodoro - missionary to the Philpipines
Samuel Flores - missionary to the Philippines
Romans 10:18  But I say, Have they not heard?
Yes verily, their sound went into all the earth,
and their words unto the ends of the world.
Pete Knickerbocker and family - missionary to France
Missionaries supported by
Grace Baptist Church
Larry Skipper - Rock of Ages Prisons missionary
Michael Talley and family - missionary to Berlin Germany
Gary Forney - missionary to the Polar Regions
Don McIlvain and family - missionary to Central Asia
Supporting those that are called to the mission field.

H. E. L. P.  Ministries  (Help Evangelize Lost People)

  • Kenya Justus Simiyu Wafula & family

  • Kenya Edward Murila & family

  • Burma Kap Luia & family

  • Burma Ngun Tlung & family

  • Chile Ramon Lara & family

  • Mexico Julio Vega & family

  • United Kingdom Martin Wickens & family
web site -

  • Grenada Oscar Reubin & family

  • Myanmar Silas Ren & family

  • India Peter Thiumai

  • Bolivia Fernando Flores & family

  • Bolivia Miguel Figuereo & family

  • Chile Waldo Bascur & family

  • Philippines Edsel Pagayunan & family

  • Philippines Ernesto Medina & family

  • Texas Jacob Carillo & family

  • Kenya Maurice Odiwa & family

  • Kenya Steven Karanja & family

Free legal counsel to churches and Christians
facing legal difficulties for practicing the Biblical
faith.   web site
Brother Gibbs of the Christian Law Association

Germany Lawrences Mark, Rose, Children –
Keaton, Kyle,

Germany Talleys (Berlin) Michael, Marsha, Children
– Benjamin, Elizabeth, Joshua, John

Zambia Bowles Daniel, Meshelle, Children –  Caleb,
Macael, Jeremiah

Polar Regions Forneys Gary, Barbara                      web site –

Polar Regions Donleys Steve, Lois, Children –
Angela, Steven                
    web site –

Brazil Tavares Paulo, Marilza, Children – Kayla,

USA New England (New Hampshire) Hoyts Dana,
Tina,  Children – Hannah, Dana Jr., Benaiah

USA Rock of Ages Prisons Skippers Larry, Jean,  
Children – Clay, Timothy                                            
web site

USA Fellowship Tract League (Fellowship Baptist
Church – Dr. Pennington) Lebanon Ohio                                                     
web site –

USA Retired (Venezuela - 40 plus years) Mrs. Delora
Neese (Widow)

Philippines Teodoros Francis, Susan, Children –
Samuel, Suseth, Sarah, Irene
    web site -

Philippines Flores Samuel, Belle, Children –Nathan,
    web site -

Central Asia McIlvain Don, Tina, Children – Laura,
Jacob, Mercyanna, Mikayla

France Knickerbockers Pete, Isabelle, Children
Steven, Samuel, Jeremy, Marc

Philippines Subic Bay Children's Home, operated
by Brother Teddy Fulfer and his wife Ligaya
    web site -

Canary Islands Whitakers Shannon, Lorie, Children
Ashley, Michael, Blake, Caleb, Joshua

Papua New Guinea Gade's Niels, Gwendy, Children
Alishia, Abrianna, Ashley, Abigail, Anna

Philippines Roger Olpindo, Emma, Children –Caleb,
    web site -

Philippines Leonardo Mallari, Cristy, Children –
Lamuel, Joseph, Haidee               
    web site -

Finland Daryl Coats, Victoria, Children – Angelique,
Christopher, Melody, Patience, Daniel,
    Michael, Mary

Israel Daniel Fried, Rebecca, children Samuel,
    web site -
Justus Simiyu Wafula and family - missionary to Kenya
Shannon Whitaker and family - missionary to the Canary Islands
Niels Gade and family - missionary to Papua New Guinea